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Best Project Management Software for Construction Companies

Jason Jackson

Jason Jackson

Last updated: August 4, 2023 – Best Overall Project Management Software for Construction
ClickUp – Best for Billable Time Tag
Asana – Best for Bigger Picture Plannings
Wrike – Best for Integrations
Smartsheet – Best for Mobile Time Tracking
Zoho Projects – Best for Small and Growing Teams
Trello – Best for Cross-Platform Management
Teamwork – Best for Client-Facing Service Providers

Building visionary structures from the ground up requires more than just physical materials; it also demands flawless project management. As a construction professional, you have to juggle countless tasks, deadlines, and teams.

But don’t worry! This article reveals the ultimate solution to streamline your construction projects – cutting-edge project management software tailored for your industry. Get ready to turbocharge your construction operations and take them to new heights! – Best Overall Project Management Software for Construction

Fees: Starting at $8/mo
Star rating: 4.9/5, a well-liked project management solution, wins favor among teams big and small for its user-friendly interface and all-encompassing set of tools for managing tasks and projects. If you’re hunting for top-notch project management capabilities, fits the bill splendidly with its toolset.


  • Intuitive project management tools
  • User-friendly dashboard for easy collaboration
  • Extensive library of integrations
  • Many workflows available


  • Non-specialized software for the construction industry
  • High cost for multiple users
  • Limited focus on pure document management

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

Project performance dashboard to track progress, payments, spending, and timelines
Embedded marketing tools, including CRM and lead generation tracking
Customizable workflows tailored for the construction industry
Extensive integration library with key programs like Outlook, Dropbox, Slack, Gmail, and Zapier

Plans & Pricing

Individual: Get two free seats
Basic: Ideal for small teams, priced at $8 per user per month with annual billing
Standard: Recommended for efficient work management, priced at $10 per user per month with annual billing
Pro: Use this service for $16 per user per month with the option for annual billing
Enterprise: Contact for pricing if your organization needs to manage and expand workflows


ClickUp – Best for Billable Time Tag

Fee: Starting at $5/mo
Star rating: 4.7/5

Witness the unmatched strength of ClickUp, a globally acclaimed productivity and construction project management software relied upon by efficient teams from businesses big and small.

Revel in the luxury of boundless users, tasks, and an array of phenomenal features – all at no cost! Unleash infinite potentialities in managing projects with ClickUp as your ally.


  • Multiple automation options
  • Advanced task management
  • Robust features
  • Diverse perspectives
  • Pre-built templates
  • Over a thousand integrations
  • Free plan available indefinitely
  • Effortlessly handle complex projects


  • Non-user-friendly mobile app
  • Intimidating for new users
  • Time tracking issues
  • High cost for small enterprises at top tiers

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

Map View: Easily locate job sites and get directions using the Map view, a valuable tool for all contractors
Comments: Keep everyone on the same page by tagging team members and assigning comments to ensure nothing is overlooked
Custom Fields: Customize your data by adding columns for subcontractor details, construction locations, budgets, and more
Proofing: Efficiently review submittals, RFIs, drawings, and take-offs by adding comments and updates directly on images
Templates: Accelerate your workflow with pre-designed templates for Client Relationship Management, Construction, Meeting Minutes, and Architectural Design
Column Calculations: Streamline calculations for estimates, purchase orders, quantities, and materials using Formula Fields
Offline Mode: Stay productive in the field with access to project data even without an internet connection
Mobile Apps: Collaborate seamlessly with team members on the job site through our iOS and Android apps

Plans & Pricing

Free Forever: Access a seat at no cost for individual use
Unlimited: The perfect plan for small teams at $5 per user per month with an annual payment
Business: Pay $12 annually for each user in this plan, suitable for medium-sized companies
Business Plus: Opt for the best option for multiple teams at $19 per user per month with annual billing
Enterprise: Contact ClickUp for pricing details if you have a large team


Asana – Best for Bigger Picture Planning

Fee: Starting at $13.49 per month
Star rating: 4.3/5

Asana is an adaptable tool for project management, proving its worth not only in the construction industry but also in handling extensive projects. It showcases features like Gantt charts, calendars, and Kanban boards that make long-range planning and managing multiple tasks a breeze.

With the ‘Goals’ feature, long-term planning becomes more transparent, whereas its reporting function assists with monitoring progress and making predictions.

Users value having the capacity to create and monitor multi-year projects as they unfold. Despite this, some users find the pricing steep, while others opine that sometimes there’s a balance between functionality and cost.


  • Various project tracking styles are available, such as Gantt, Kanban, and Calendar
  • Advanced process and workflow automation
  • Visual workload tracker for easy monitoring
  • Flexible pricing based on team size, offering reasonable options


  • Non-specialized software, not tailored for construction needs
  • Ideal for handling complex projects
  • More integrations are offered with higher-tier plans

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

Utilize the calendar view to effectively manage your deadlines
Project permissions to teammates and clients
Customize fields to meet your specific project requirements
Employ the board view for Agile project management

Plans & Pricing

Basic plan: Free
Premium plan: $13.49/month per member
Business plan: $30.49/month per member
Enterprise plan: contact for a custom quote

>> Try Asana Now! >>


Wrike – Best Real-Time Data and Analytics

Fee: Starting at $9.80/mo
Star rating: 4.3/5

Wrike stands as an impactful project management platform specifically designed to accommodate the distinctive demands of construction projects. Packed with extensive functionalities and tools, it provides users with a holistic overview of their projects, covering finances, timelines, resource distribution, and team synergies.

It enables the easy crafting of bespoke workflows and assignments lists, and delegation duties while consistently tracking progress. This makes Wrike a perfect companion for bustling construction supervisors juggling multiple projects concurrently.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Powerful integration with cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive
  • The free plan accommodates up to 5 users and provides 2GB of storage


  • Lacks an integrated note-taking tool for simultaneous use with your work
  • Unable to convert comments into tasks
  • Offers limited project tracking features, restricted to Gantt charts only

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include

Comprehensive time-tracking capabilities
Exceptional documentation and resource tracking for easy access to essential information
Dashboards that can be personalized to suit your preferences
Utilize @mentions to enhance collaboration and communication

Plans & Pricing

This project management software has four pricing plans:
Free plan: 0$
Professional: $9.80/month per member
Business: $24.80/month per member
Enterprise: contact for a custom quote

>> Try Wrike Now! >>


Smartsheet – Best for Mobile Time Tracking

Fee: Starting from $7 per month
Star rating: 3/5

Smartsheet serves as a dynamic tool for managing tasks and projects, fitting perfectly into construction ventures of any scale. It simplifies the complete life cycle of a construction project with ready-made solutions, templates, and customizable features.

It facilitates team cooperation, tracking project prerequisites, and efficient document handling. With its offering of dashboards, gateways, cost estimation tools, forms, and reporting capabilities, Smartsheet stands out as an all-encompassing solution for steering construction projects.


  • Plan and schedule projects effectively
  • Personalize dashboards to your liking
  • Utilize ready-to-use templates


  • The activity log can be challenging to comprehend
  • Some users desire a simpler method of managing permissions and sharing
  • Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:
  • Ready-made solutions
  • Construction project templates
  • Tailored solutions for preconstruction, safety management, field operations, resource management, quality control, and reporting
  • Tools for seamless collaboration
  • Tracking of project requirements
  • Centralized documentation management with attachments

Plans & Pricing

Free: $0 for up to one user and two editors
Pro: $7/user/month (billed annually)
Business: $25/user/month (billed annually)
Enterprise: Best for large teams; contact Smartsheet for pricing


Zoho Projects – Best for Small and Growing Teams

Fee: Starting from $5 per month
Star rating: 3.9/5

Zoho Projects stands as a cloud-operated project management tool specifically tailored to address the requirements of small to midsize construction businesses. Its intuitive interface, along with an array of robust features, enables construction squads to proficiently strategize, implement, and monitor projects from inception through completion.


  • Excellent value is offered in paid plans
  • User-friendly interface
  • Effective time-tracking capabilities


  • Templates aren’t available in the free construction project management software plan
  • The free program provides limited storage
  • The resources management view is complex

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

Task Management
Document Management
Gantt Charts
Resource Allocation
Timesheets and Billing

Plans & Pricing

Free: $0/month per user
Premium: $5/month per member
Enterprise: $10/month per member


Trello – Best for Cross-Platform Management

Fee: Starting from $5 per month
Star rating: 3.6/5

In the realm of construction project administration, Trello proves to be a handy tool for duties such as monitoring project advancement, handling timelines, circulating architectural plans or papers, orchestrating material procurement, scheduling reviews, and facilitating interaction among building crews, contractors, and interested parties.


  • Receive intelligent automation tips based on repetitive actions
  • Enhance board functionality with numerous add-ons
  • Enjoy cross-platform support
  • Utilize a cloud-based system
  • Team support is available


  • Not dependable for detailed reporting
  • Customer reviews highlight difficulties in reaching support
  • Missing in-built time tracking features
  • Not recommended for complex projects

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

Visual Interface
Collaboration and Communication
Task Assignment
Mobile Apps

Plans & Pricing

Free: $0 for your whole team
Standard: $5/user/month (billed annually)
Premium: $10/user/month (billed annually)
Enterprise: $17.5/user/month (billed annually)


Teamwork – Best For Client-Facing Service Providers

Fee: Starting from $9.99 per month
Star rating: 3.3/5

Teamwork stands out as an exceptional construction project management software, thoughtfully tailored to address the distinctive needs and challenges of the construction industry. Its comprehensive and robust features, coupled with a remarkably user-friendly interface, empower construction teams to collaborate seamlessly, streamline workflows, and guarantee project success.

With Teamwork, you can optimize efficiency, improve communication, and stay on top of every aspect of your construction projects. Embrace the future of construction management and experience the difference with Teamwork.

Try it now and witness the transformation in your construction projects.


  • Paid plans allow unlimited collaborators
  • Availability of a free version
  • All plans offer a free 30-day trial
  • No restrictions on the number of clients
  • Abundant storage provided with paid plans
  • Budget tracking capabilities
  • Client-management features, including invoicing


  • A limited number of integrations are available
  • The free plan has minimal features
  • Higher pricing compared to many competitors
  • Lower tiers have limited security features

Key Features Helpful to the Construction Industry Include:

Task and Project Management
File Sharing and Document Management
Gantt Charts and Timelines
Resource Planning and Allocation
Communication and Collaboration
Risk Management

Plans & Pricing

Free Forever: $0 for up to 5 users
Deliver: $9.99/user/month (billed annually), best for basic project management
Grow: $17.99/user/month (billed annually), best for complex projects
Scale: Best for a customized plan; contact Teamwork for pricing


Our Ranking Methodology for the Best Project Management Software for Construction

We examined more than a dozen highly-rated software programs for contractors, using hundreds of data points to finalize our list of the best project management tools for construction companies.

Specific software solutions are perfect fits for large general contractors tasked with overseeing subcontractors, clients, and several projects concurrently. Others cater specifically to small businesses offering specialized construction management software.

We focused on the criteria deemed most critical by all contractors – ease of use, monthly or annual subscription costs, and features tailored specifically for the construction industry. Every software we’ve featured offers a mobile application option so you can manage projects and teams whether you’re in your office or out on site.

Here’s an overview of some data points we used when ranking these software options.


In terms of cost, we examined the initial subscription fee for the software and if a complimentary trial period was included. Firms with transparent pricing were scored higher than their counterparts that necessitated form-filling or a call to sales just to uncover costs.


Our evaluations highlight attributes appealing to small enterprises, yet we preserved uniformity in our assessments by seeking these general characteristics from each vendor: proposal administration, scheduling features, software compatibility, interdependencies, proposal oversight, and the availability of a mobile application for customers.

In addition to that, we also sought out distinct aspects offered by each provider, such as pricing tools, safety control measures, and bid handling capabilities, along with support for building information modeling and client interaction tools.

A significant portion of our decision-making process was based on the reflections of actual users. We considered customer testimonials regarding their experiences with project management software available on platforms, including Capterra and Trustpilot.

Providers who received favorable reviews (a minimum rating of 3.5/5) on these platforms were awarded higher scores in our assessment.

Expert analysis

Based on the information provided above, our reviewers devised a scoring metric that incorporates additional criteria from customer reviews, including ease of use, standout features, popularity, and value for money.

Best Project Management Software for Construction – Buyer’s Guide

What should you look for in the best project management software for construction? Read on to know its benefits and features.

What Is Construction Project Management Software?

Construction management software is a specialized digital tool designed to facilitate and streamline the planning, organization, execution, and monitoring of construction projects. It’s a hub that allows project managers, construction crews, stakeholders, and clients to seamlessly interact throughout the lifecycle of a project.

This software comes packed with various features like task scheduling capabilities, resource distribution functions, and budget control mechanisms, including document exchange options along with communication tools.

It also provides progress-tracking abilities and reporting features. By embracing these sophisticated management tools for their construction projects, teams can boost productivity levels; mitigate potential delays; maintain financial discipline; assure quality standards, and deliver triumphant results within agreed timelines and budgets.

Why Use Construction Project Management Software?

Construction management software offers several compelling reasons for its utilization in the industry:

Enhanced Efficiency: The software streamlines project processes, automates tasks, and centralizes data for faster completion, reduced delays, and improved productivity.
Improved Collaboration: Real-time communication and document sharing enable seamless collaboration, fostering better communication and alignment.
Effective Resource Allocation: Optimize resource allocation by tracking equipment, materials, and labor, minimizing wastage and cost overruns.
Better Planning and Scheduling: Accurate planning considers dependencies, critical paths, and risks, resulting in realistic timelines and smoother execution.
Transparent Reporting: Detailed insights and progress reports empower stakeholders to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.
Cost Control: Track expenses and compare them against budgets to prevent overspending and ensure project profitability.
Document Management: Electronic storage ensures easy access and reduces the risk of losing critical information, ensuring compliance and safety.
Risk Mitigation: Identify and manage potential risks early on, taking proactive measures to reduce project delays and disputes.
Client Satisfaction: Improved transparency and timely updates boost client confidence, leading to higher satisfaction and potential referrals.
Scalability and Adaptability: The software caters to projects of various scales, from small developments to complex infrastructural undertakings, making it a versatile tool for the industry.

8 Key Features of Construction Management Software

Optimal construction project management software should marry universal project management characteristics with features specific to the building trade.

Here’s a roundup of eight key features to monitor when sizing up potential candidates for your construction management software.

1. Time Tracking and Scheduling

The ideal construction management software should offer the capability to arrange employee shifts and record payable work hours all in one platform. Some may even come with the cherry-on-top feature of integrating with your already existing time-tracking or scheduling software systems.

2. Estimate and Bid Management

Your team is anticipated to present proposals for various ventures simultaneously and garner quotes from subcontractors sometimes referred to as RFIs or requests for information.

Leveraging construction management software would let you monitor these propositions and their corresponding expenses effectively. This minimizes the risk of erroneous calculations while assuring punctual adherence to deadlines.

3. Accounting and Financial Management

As soon as the project starts, it’s vital to manage cost accounting for inventory, bill the customer appropriately, and guarantee financial adherence to the project blueprint.

The crème de la crème of construction management software should empower you with advanced tools for monetary control and accounting. A cherry on top would be its compatibility with well-liked bookkeeping systems like QuickBooks.

4. Field Management

Monitoring all employees scattered across diverse work locations is a crucial attribute of construction-centric software. This entails scheduling service sessions, arranging dispatches, and predicting project end dates.

If you’re pondering over adopting broader scope project management software, ascertain that it can deliver the on-site management tools essential for your construction endeavors.

5. Mobile and Tablet Apps

When it comes to field management, one can hardly picture individuals hunched over laptops amidst a bustling job site. Thus, it’s crucial to hunt down software equipped with sophisticated mobile and tablet applications. This way, your personnel, and managers can conveniently access them while stationed at various locations.

6. Client and Contractor Access

At some point during the project, both clients and contractors inevitably require software access, but disclosing every minuscule detail might not be desirable. Fortunately, certain construction management software allows user-specific permission settings – an invaluable feature indeed!

To top it off, some platforms offer an exclusive client portal for a personalized login journey.

7. Communication Tools

To ensure a seamless workflow, opt for construction management software that incorporates chat and communication features within its design. The cherry on top would be if it also syncs with well-known email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail. This way, all your email correspondences are conveniently gathered under one roof.

8. Document Management

With the document management feature of your building project software, the days of frantically searching for an updated agreement or current certificates and licenses are over. These essential documents will be comfortably nestled within the tool’s database, just a quick search away for immediate retrieval.

How Does Project Management Software Work?

The functionality of project management software has many facets, influenced by factors such as the specific software chosen, its application, deployed features, system user count, active integrations, and more.

When contemplating the operation of such a system and fine-tuning it for your organization’s needs, consider how it could potentially benefit your enterprise.

Here’s an illustration:

You might be looking for functionality to effectively manage complex projects, keeping them on track, within scope, and within budget.

If you have time-constrained projects and need assistance scheduling crews with the right skill sets and certifications, the software can be beneficial.

For customer relationship management and outbound marketing needs, software solutions can provide valuable support.

Digitizing your document management and creating a more efficient workflow may be necessary if you are still using pen and paper.

Equipping your crews with plans, drawings, and updates on their phones or tablets in the field can improve productivity and communication.

To make an informed decision, create a checklist of the features and functionality your organization requires from the available options. This will help you understand how your chosen software works and how it can benefit your business.

How to Choose the Best Construction Project Management Software

The key aspects of any contractor-oriented project management software revolve around accessibility, document governance, and user-friendliness. When deciding on the perfect software for your enterprise, these three facets should be at the top of your list.

Subsequent to these considerations is knowing if you require solely project management tools or whether managing financial elements within one platform is more desirable.

Remaining strictly within the boundaries of project management attributes may lessen recurrent expenditure, but should only be done if you have an existing framework for bid evaluation, proposal generation, and invoicing.

Incorporating additional applications into your construction management software can streamline operations and conserve precious time. The integration with accounting systems, emails, and calendars is arguably indispensable.

Think of marketing and lead generation modules as extra cherries on top. If you’re part of a general contracting firm with a dedicated outreach team handling presales activities, then this might not be necessary.

However, smaller ventures ought to contemplate construction-oriented project management platforms that include some semblance of these toolkits.

Best Project Management Software for Construction – Frequently Asked Questions

Still have more questions about the best project management software for construction? We answer them and more below.

Which Software Is Used in Construction?

Contractors employ a variety of digital tools to accomplish their tasks, spanning from project administration, structural data modeling (BIM), tendering, and estimation programs to software for billing or invoicing procedures.

What Are Some Essential Features To Look For in Construction Project Management Software?

You need certain essential features to choose the right construction management software. These include cost-effectiveness, mobile app availability, comprehensive project tracking that covers estimates, proposals, and bids, and effective tools for handling tasks, coordinating projects, and processing invoices.

Moreover, you also need sufficient storage capacity for documents and images, and communication facilities.

Is Construction Project Management Software Secure?

Similar to most software, top construction management software programs prioritize various levels of security.

When considering such software, it’s essential to seek features like two-factor authentication (2FA) or multifactor authentication (MFA), frequent security updates and patches, intrusion detection, user activity monitoring, data encryption, and privacy protection to ensure comprehensive security measures are in place.

Bottom Line on Best Project Management Software for Construction

In the dynamic world of construction, possessing the perfect project management software could be your organization’s secret weapon.

After a meticulous assessment, we’ve pinpointed the market leaders: stands out with its supreme flexibility, while ClickUp provides an all-encompassing array of solutions specifically tailored for construction.

For smaller to medium-sized businesses, Zoho Projects dazzles with its intuitive interface and custom features. Teamwork demonstrates its strength through formidable collaboration utilities just right for construction crews.

Regardless of your venture’s size or intricacy, these software choices are guaranteed to amplify efficiency, improve communication and facilitate smooth project implementation.

Harness technology’s potential to confidently and accurately address construction obstacles.

Make a timely investment in top-tier construction management software and watch as your projects ascend toward unprecedented successsuccess

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